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Espace commercial à louer 


The concept of a multifunctional building in Edmundston dates back originally to the 1970s. Construction was started in 1977 at the site of the former Mgr Conway Academy by Assumption Life, the project proponent, in conjunction with Hardman Group of Halifax.


When it opened its doors on October 31, 1979, the infrastructure housed a shopping centre, a 102-room hotel, meeting rooms and an office tower. Carrefour Assomption in Edmundston has since become a focal point for a number of services and businesses as well as an ultramodern convention centre.


Over the years, this multipurpose complex has become the hub of economic activity in downtown Edmundston.


The Carrefour has an occupancy rate of 95% for its shopping centre and its office tower.


Some 28 years after its launch, this complex in the heart of downtown Edmundston still radiates the dynamic energy that inspired its construction and continues to play a leading role in the life of the city.